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Hollow shaft gearboxes

Apex Dynamics has various options in its range of hollow shaft gearboxes. Which gearbox is best for you  depends of course on the application. In this video Erik Megens tells us more about the AT and ATB series, the KF series and AFH series.

Continuous hollow shaft is always a right-angle gearbox

The AT and ATB series can be executed with a through hollow shaft with keyway or shrink disk. A keyway is form-fit and the shrink disk is force-locked. The gearboxes from the KF series can be supplied with a shrink disk or with an ISO9409 flange with throughput options for pneumatic pipes, for example. The AFH series can be fitted with a hollow shaft with shrink disk. The hollow shaft is not through hole in this case.

Want to know which hollow shaft gearbox is best for you? Feel free to contact us.