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Installation gearbox to servomotor explained

In this video, Sales Manager Eric Megens explains how to mount a gearbox on a motor. You will see what is included with a delivered gearbox, how you clean/degrease it and then mount it to a motor.

Requirements for mounting gearbox

For mounting a gearbox on a motor you need:

  • a torque wrench
  • an allen key bit
  • an allen L-key
  • degreaser
  • cleaning clothes

Contents of a gearbox package

In the gearbox packaging you will find:

  • assembly instructions with the required torques and instructions
  • bag of motor bolts
  • the gearbox
  • the packaging can also be used as mounting material at the same time

What to pay attention to when mounting the gearbox to the motor

It is essential that you pay attention to the following when mounting the gearbox to the motor:

  • setting the torque wrench to the correct moment, as indicated in the installation manual
  • thoroughly degrease the motor shaft, hollow (input) shaft and bushing (if applicable)
  • tighten the four motor bolts crosswise in the flange so that the spring washers are pressed
  • only after tightening the motor bolt at the right torque, completely tighten the motor bolts crosswise

Or watch the video above in which Eric Megens demonstrates and explains it from A to Z!