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Design tool checks servo motor gearbox combination

What is our design tool used for and more important, how do you use it? In this video we go step by step through the tool. Director Thom van Oss explains the advantages of using the tool, using the example of a servo motor gearbox combination. 

Design tool suitable for gearboxes, racks and pinions

Design tool is an online configurator that makes it possible to configure a servomotor-gearbox combination and even racks and pinions. In addition, the technical drawing can be downloaded in 2D and 3D. Based on the step drawing, engineers can get to work more efficiently and faster with the design of desired machines.

Design tool can be started on our website in various ways. Once started, a simple step-by-step plan follows. The program asks you to choose the type of servo motor that will be used. In addition, the tool asks you to select the gearbox that you have already selected in advance. The type of gearbox of course depends on your application.

All important specifications included in tool

The design tool has been developed as wide as possible, so that all important specifications such as input shaft diameter, permissible torques, maximum speeds and inertia are included. If the desired or required ratio does not appear in the tool, we advise you to contact us. Apex Dynamics checks whether the combination is mechanically possible at all and on which criteria the desired ratio cannot be selected and we will advise accordingly. Finally, the output shaft version and desired backlash class of the gearbox can be selected.

Once all the necessary information has been supplied, Apex Dynamics can start delivering the requested product completely.