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A closer look at bevel gear and hypoid gearboxes

Apex Dynamics has two of the three variants of the right-angle gearboxs in its range: bevel gear and hypoid gearboxes. In this video, Thom van Oss takes a closer look at the properties, ratios of the agles and the transmission ratios of both variants. Curious about the pros and cons? You will find out in this video.

Transcript video: A closer look at bevel gear and hypoid gearboxes

Hypoid angle gearbox

Apex Dynamics is supplier of gearboxes, racks and pinions. In this video we are going to talk about right angle gearboxes.  In these you have three variants; worm gear, bevel gear and hypoid. Apex Dynamics does nog have worm gear in its program. Therefore, we will not discuss that. With a hypoid gear the center lines of the gears intersect, the gears cross each other. You can see it clearly because the input shaft is staggered from the output shaft. A bevel gear has the right angle gears in the center line of each other. You can see this because the input and output shafts are in one line.

Bevel wheel angle gearbox

Apex Dynamics is always using spiral bevel gears. This is comparable to our high end gearboxes which always have helical gears. One disadvantage of the bevel gear is that you can only achieve a ratio up to 5 to 1. This due to the fact that a higher ratio the input bevel gear becomes too small and you cannot transfer enough force. In the mentioned serie we can, however, realise a higher ratio by combining the right angle bevel gear with a planetary pre-stage.

Transmission ratio hypoid and bevel wheel angle gearbox

In this way, we can get up to 200 to 1 with the A and PII series. And with the AT/ATB serie even up to 500 to 1. With a hypoid transmission, it is possible to go in a single stage to a ratio of 10 to 1. Again, if we combine it with a planetary pre or after stage, a much higher ratio can be achieved. That could even lead to a ratio of 10.000 to with the AHK series. Another advantage of right angled gearboxes is that you can use a hollow thru output shaft and use a right angled gearbox which provides a space advantage. The motor does not protude but can be mounted parallel to the machines. We are happy to advise you about the righ gearbox for your application. With the right configuration you will achieve more.

Would you like to know more about right-angle gearboxes? Read our introductory article or contact us directly for tailor-made advice.