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AGV gearbox series with helical gears

Which gearbox is ideal for an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)?
As a manufacturer of low-backlash gearboxes, racks and pinions, Apex Dynamics received more and more questions about gearboxes for this type of application. That is why we now come up with a series of gearboxes specifically for this type of mobile robot, the GL series. This high-end series complements the existing medium-end PD/PDR and the PL/PLR and offers a number of technical advantages. We will discuss the GL/GLS series and all distinctive aspects in this article.

An AGV is an Automatic Guided Vehicle, a mobile robot that is often used in industrial applications to transport materials in a factory or warehouse. Since the late 20th century, AGVs have become increasingly important in the logistics industry and are central to many processes.

The video below shows the GL-serie in all its glory:

High-end gearbox for AGV applications

In addition to the aforementioned medium-end PD/PDR and PL/PLR, Apex Dynamics has developed a high-end version for this market specifically: the GL series. The main difference between these series is that the GL series has helical gears and the backlash is a maximum of 3 arcminutes (1-stage). With this series, the flange and the housing are made from one rotating part, making it ideal for mounting and supporting the wheel against it, without getting a high bending moment.

Version with input shaft

In addition to the GL series, there is also a GLS version with a full input shaft (with or without key), especially for those applications where the wheels or pulley are not driven by a motor. The GL series is available in  ratio 3: 1 up to 90: 1.

The GL/GLS series is constructed differently from a regular planetary gearbox: What is normally the stationary housing is now the rotating output flange and what is normally the output shaft is now the stationary part which is mounted on the frame. This construction makes it possible to have ratio of 2:1.

Gearbox suitable for AGV applications

The most suitable gearboxes for AGV applications have:

  • Gearboxes with a planetary transmission, these have the highest torque density and are therefore compact.
  • Low noise level and high break resistance or overload protection due to helical teeth.
  • High positioning accuracy because it has a low backlash.
  • Bearings that are oversized and can therefore handle higher radial loads. (So a higher net payload)
  • Many ratios, from 2: 1 to 90: 1.
  • The possibility to install all three-phase, step and servo motors.
  • A high efficiency, to convert the electrical energy into kinetic energy as efficiently as possible.

Other applications for the GL/GLS series

In addition to the application in AGVs, the GL/GLS series can also be used in other applications, such as (tooth) belt drives, positioning table or wheel drives for e-mobility.

Please contact one of the specialists at Apex Dynamics for more information or download the brochure.