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Robotics knowledge and team management experience comes in handy at Marvu

What knowledge and experiences do students from Team Rembrandts bring to business? We visited Gijs de Veer at Marvu Foodprocessing Equipment to hear more about his experiences. Gijs is a former member of Team Rembrandts and now works as a process engineer at Marvu. Today we look at how Gijs has developed and how he feels about his new job.


Thom van Oss, director of Apex Dynamics Benelux, will visit some of the former students in their new work environments in a series of films. It results in a series of nice conversations with this time in the spotlight: Gijs de Veer, process engineer at Marvu Food Processing Equipment.


Marvu: Conveyor belt systems for the food processing industry

Gijs has been working at Marvu in Sint-Oedenrode as a process engineer for a year and a half now. In this position, Gijs tries to optimize the business processes for the customer and the deliveries of such machines.

Marvu specializes in internal transport systems in the food processing industry. They supply transport systems to companies specialized in meat processing, bread & pastry, AGF and fish processing, among others. In addition to conveyor systems, Marvu also supplies and produces special machines that can be assembled based on your specific requirements. These machines are combined with a conveyor belt. As a result, you get an integrated system.

Gijs makes sure the process runs smoothly, he also combines the conveyor systems and special machines into a total package and delivers this to the customer.


DoTransfer from team Rembrandts to the business world

What knowledge and experience from team Rembrandts do you take with you into the business world?

“At team Rembrandts I learned very much to do your job with passion and to dedicate yourself to a club. That mentality and to be the best at what you do is something I have taken with me very much into my work. In addition, you get very close to all forms of engineering and business administration which gives you more insight into certain work. Above all, you take a broad scale of knowledge with you into the business world.” – Gijs de Veer


Sponsor Team Rembrandts

Apex Dynamics has sponsored several student teams such as Team Rembrandts and University Racing Eindhoven for a number of years. From the region the students of Team Rembrandts have been participating in international robot competitions since 2011. They gain a lot of knowledge about robotics and learn skills such as cooperation and team management. Many of these students end up working for great companies after graduation.