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From Team Rembrandts to VDL Industrial Modules

Where do the students of Team Rembrandts and University Racing Eindhoven end up after their studies and how do they look back on their time with these teams? As a proud sponsor of both teams, Apex Dynamics Benelux is curious about their experiences and future plans, therefore director Thom van Oss will visit former team members of both teams in a new series of films.



Sponsor Team Rembrandts

Apex always invests in progress. Progress through drives, through knowledge and through great involvement in the next generation. For example, Apex Dynamics has been an active sponsor of various student teams such as Team Rembrandts and University Racing Eindhoven, for years. The students of Team Rembrandts from the Brainport Eindhoven region have been participating in international robot competitions since 2011. During their time in the team, the students not only gain a lot of knowledge about robotics, but they also learn about collaboration and team management. It is therefore not surprising that these students end up with very interesting companies after their studies.

Thom van Oss, director of Apex Dynamics Benelux, is proud to visit some of the former students in their new working environments. The result is a series of great conversations. In this video Thom visits Wesley van der Linden, project manager and calculator at VDL Industrial Modules.


Automated Guided Vehicles at VDL Industrial Modules

Wesley works at VDL Industrial Modules in Helmond, where he is a calculator and project manager. In this role he calculates the cost price of new projects together with the purchasing and work preparation departments. In addition he is responsible for a smooth production process within VDL. Among other things, Wesley is working on Automated Guided Vehicles, robots that communicate with each other and automatically pick up and move packages in, for example, a warehouse.


Robotics and management experience

Looking back on his time at Team Rembrandts, Wesley says:

“My experience at Team Rembrandts certainly helped me to get started here. I started digitizing construction books, my solidworks and composer experience helped with that. Since then I have continued to grow in the role of project leader, applying my management experience from Team Rembrandts.” – Wesley van der Linden