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The move from Team Rembrandts to MTA Creating Mechatronics

What experiences do students take with them to their current jobs and how do they use their skills in business? We have been a proud sponsor of Team Rembrandts and other student teams for many years and for that matter we are curious about what the students do after their studies. And how do they look back on their time with these teams? This time Thom van Oss visits MTA Creating Mechatronics to talk to former member of Team Rembrandts; Ron Visser.


Thom van Oss, director of Apex Dynamics Benelux, visits a number of former students in their new working environments. The result? A series of great conversations with this time in the spotlight: Ron Visser, Skillslab manager, MTA Creating Mechatronics


High-tech mechatronic systems in series production

Ron Visser was active with Team Rembrandts during his studies in mechatronics and continues to do so after his studies. He joined MTA as Skillslab manager where he shapes the discovery of innovative high-tech mechatronic systems.

MTA develops and mass produces high-tech mechatronic systems for the food industry, the medical industry and also for various food packaging industries. MTA also has a Skillslab where various mechatronic systems are realized. In the Skillslab, students and colleagues learn new things about high-tech mechatronic systems, experiment with new technologies and create new innovative high-tech mechatronic systems themselves.


Taking Team Rembrandts knowledge and experience into the business world

Looking back on his time at Team Rembrandts, Ron says:

“I think the most important thing I took with me is a piece of healthy entrepreneurship, not afraid to ask questions and to do new things out of your comfort zone. So if I can also give something to the students it is to be curious, to ask questions and to seek a little confrontation. Because even if you can’t figure it out on your own, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask others questions. After all, you can’t solve everything on your own.” – Ron Visser


Sponsor Team Rembrandts

After years of being a sponsor of several student teams such as Team Rembrandts and University Racing Eindhoven, Apex Dynamics is curious where these students will end up after their education. We are curious what these students have learned at these teams, what they have taken with them in terms of experience and knowledge and how they apply that at the current companies where they are now working.