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Deep Space Game, the 2019 challenge for Team Rembrandts

The FIRST Robotics Competition game for 2019 has been revealed. It is an exciting game. Go and check out the game animation of the Destination: Deep Space Game!!

Last Saturday Team Rembrandts received the rules for the First Robotics Competition game of 2019. During a live stream all teams worldwide were presented with the challenge for this year. It has become an exciting game again with many technical and strategic elements.

Game release 2019

On Sunday 06-01-2019 the new game and plans were presented by team Rembrandts to family, friends and partners. The new “pit box” with flight cases was also shown there. Thanks to this new pit-box, the team is able to start even faster during the various competitions without losing precious time with building the pit-box. They also have a completely new flight case, or workshop, that fits all parts and can be converted into a well-equipped workshop in no time.

With the release of the rules, the construction period for the new 2019 robot has also started. Team Rembrandts has 6 weeks to build a robot with which they will participate in the regionals in America. The goal is to have the robot ready in about 4.5 weeks so that they also have enough time to practice to control the robot and the game well.

We wish Team Rembrandts a lot of success in the coming weeks, we will continue to follow their proceedings.