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Team Rembrandts prepares for FIRST Robotics 2022

How do we motivate more young people to work in technology? That is a question that Apex Dynamics and Team Rembrandts like to think about and one of the reasons why we have been a sponsor of Team Rembrandts for years. In preparation for this year’s FIRST Robotics competition, director Thom van Oss visited a team evening to see with his own eyes how the team is preparing for the competition and how a large group of enthusiastic young people are working together on technology.

Team Rembrandts makes young people excited about technology

Team Rembrandts consists of a large group of young people of different ages who are all interested in technology. Every year they work together on the new robot for the FIRST Robotics competition, the final battle of which takes place in the United States. But the team is not only focused on prizes, being busy with technology or the fun team evenings. The team is also committed to making young people enthusiastic about technology, for example by collaborating with secondary schools and training new people every year. This year the team consists of 75 enthusiastic young people who have been active at Team Rembrandts for some time or who are new to the team, for example because they are interested in technology or have already participated in the Lego League of FIRST Tech Challenge and at Team Rembrandts. take the next step.

FIRST Robotics preparations 2022

During the team evening, Apex Dynamics Director Thom van Oss watches how the team is preparing for the competition. The competition started in January when Team Rembrandts and their competitors were presented with this year’s assignment: a robot that shoots balls into a funnel to collect points and then climbs up. The strategy has now been chosen and the team can already show the first and second prototypes to Thom. In addition to robots, the team also thinks about branding and design, as the enthusiastic young people show Thom. And that is exactly why Apex Dynamics has been a fan and sponsor of Team Rembrandts for years, to see enthusiastic young people get started with all aspects of technology.